10 Switchfoot Songs

Growing up, all I was allowed to listen to was Christian music. By the time I reached middle school, I hated it with a passion. You could not get me to listen to a gospel song, and Christian radio was irritating to me because they played the same songs every time. Since my only way to listen to music without my parents knowing was to make CDs for my portable CD player, I was kind of in a bind. No job meant I couldn’t buy CDs and even when I borrowed CDs from the library, my parents would know, especially because I was always losing my library items. Y’all the library has made so much money off of my family in the years that we’ve been in this country (I’m pretty sure I owe two different libraries right now). Then I discovered Switchfoot in my youth group and my eyes were open to the fact that Michael W. Smith, and Amy Grant were not the only musicians to listen to.

My first CDs I bought were a set of three Switchfoot CDs and Zoegirl CD at Barnes and Noble. I played those CDs so much, and my love for Switchfoot has been there ever since. It didn’t hurt that their music was used in one of my favourite movies, A Walk to Remember. So I have made a list of my 10 favourite songs by them, in no order. This was actually really hard because Switchfoot has a lot of great music.

1. Learning to Breathe

2. Meant To Live

3. Only Hope (the Mandy Moore version is beautiful as well)

4. Dare You to Move

5. This is Your Life

6. Gone

7. Oh Gravity

8. Stars

9. Adding to The Noise

10. Twenty Four


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