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January Favourites

I love February, it combines a few of my favourite things. Valentine’s Day, the sale of chocolate and the birthdays of some of my favourite people, including myself. Despite having a bit of a rough start in January, I’m hopeful that February will be a lot pleasant for me. Faith over Fear! 😇


In January, I had a lot of favourites, from music to moisturizers, these were the overplayed, overused products in my life.


Cetaphil Moisturizer: Winter in Minnesota is actually a struggle, every year I find myself having to look for new moisturizers and lip balm because my skin seems to get used to it and refuses to not get ashy. This thing is so consistent and doesn’t feel heavy 👌 Also rumor has it that this is what Pharell uses and since he doesn’t age, I’m hoping it will help me to continue to look like I’m in my 20s for the next 7 decades.

Malin + Goetz lip balm: I found a trial size in my mom’s stuff and decided to use it. Holy batman (batman probably isn’t that holy) this thing moisturized like no other. I’m struggling with the fact that I’m almost out because 12 dollars is a bit more than I’m willing to pay for anything that isn’t food or high end makeup. Since Vaseline, Carmax and Blistex are apparently useless and just sit on my lips, it’s looks like I’m losing some money 😭😭UK200006636_MALIN_GO


Rosewater: It smells good, it moisturizes your face and your hair and it’s cheap. Praise! 😌 You can find it on amazon or in places like GNC



Don’t Stop – Olamide: this song comes on and I lose my mind. I love Olamide (ignoring the unnecessary drama at the beginning of the year) and I believe this will be played everywhere 💃🏽

For My People – Maleek Berry: It’s catchy, its fun and it was all over my snapchat feed.

Say It- Tory Lanez: When this song comes out, I belt it. Am I the only one who notices that it sounds like Don’t by Bryson Tiller.

Wanna be Happy – Kirk Franklin: I’m a huge fan, and the lyrics have spoken to the situations that I’m going through lately.

Pick Up- Adekunle Gold: He has to be one of the most consistent musicians in Nigeria at the moment.

Fashion wise, I’ve been wearing yoga pants and joggers. Honestly winter just makes me so unmotivated to put any effort into what I’m wearing outside of work. Thankfully winter is ending soon. Since I’ve been thinking of spring, I’ve been doing some online browsing and I love the SheIn site. I love that people review their purchases and post themselves wearing the clothes. I also love that these items are affordable, and they are always having sales. I have some items that I plan on buying when it gets a bit warmer outside.

Favourite Words: Psalm 42:11, I needed words to uplift me this past month. Life is hard, sometimes you grieve, sometimes you are sick, sometimes the devil throws lies at you to make you immobile, so these words constantly remind me to trust God, to remember that he’s good.
Favourite Restaurant: if you are in the twin cities of Minnesota, please go to black coffee and waffle bar and get this strawberry cheesecake waffle, I promise it will turn your gloomy day into one of joy. You might even start speaking in tongues 😭😭 but seriously, it is delicious 
What were some favourites from January, let me know.



2 thoughts on “January Favourites”

  1. i love adekunle gold and olamide’s song too,had the two especially olamide’s on repeat when i first downloaded.just downloaded say it havn’t listened to it yet and i’ll download kirk as soon as your blog

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