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Love is a verb 

I’ve said it before and I still believe it, love is a verb. It’s meant to propel us to action, meant to be seen in the way we treat others. The people who interact with you should leave feeling like their lives have gotten better because you love. Love is more than the fairytale weaved by writers in books, it’s more than what you see in Disney movies and endless chick flicks. It is the foundation of who I am as a Christian. I love these posts by Christine Caine because they challenge me to think about the way I show love.   

  I insert my name into 1 corinthians 13:4-8, and evaluate if I’m loving people the way I’m supposed to, I’m usually not. So my challenge for this weak is to be love, to leave love, to show love. 


2 thoughts on “Love is a verb ”

  1. Love is a word that is thrown around so much in our culture; I love food, I love summer, I love my dog, I love my wife… there is no distinguishing factor to what we mean by love besides the actions that show it. Faith without action is worthless because if you had faith, actions would come naturally. Love without actions is worthless for the same reason; when we love, decisions are made and things are done that center around that love. Our actions should be an outpouring of that expression.


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