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10 years

10 years today since I committed my life to Christ.  July 26, 2006 won’t be forgotten easily for me. 

10 years since a very hurt, broken, scared, angry 13 year old sat at the altar and told God that I couldn’t do it alone. 

10 years since a near drowning incident helped me to see that the path I was going would destroy me. 

10 years in the hardest battles of my life, of questioning who God is and finding it out. 10 years of believing that he is who he says he his when situations are hard. 10 years of my heart being healed, of my spirit being restored, of me knowing that I am absolutely loved enough to be sacrificed for. 

10 years of chains being broken, deep unforgiveness being let go, peace being restored, fear being taken away.

10 years of joy…such a deep deep joy, such a deep peace in the midst of some of the hardest times, comfort when grieving, hidden sin being revealed and dealt with, guilt being taken away.

I watched last night as some kids made the same decision as I did 10 years ago and my heart rejoiced. 

Life will be hard, life might sometimes take you to places where you never imagined either as a consequence of other people’s actions towards you or your decisions, but God…

But God redeems, restores, delivers, comforts, fights, lifts, heals…

The decision is hard to keep with sometimes and fear and doubt will sometimes be louder than faith, but it’s so worth it. 

10 years and I don’t regret it. 10 years and I’m glad that God softened my heart and has continued to soften my heart. 10 years and I can see change. Change in language, in behaviour, in response. 10 years of learning to see what God sees in me, of knowing that nothing I do is able to redeem the dark parts of my soul but because God has mercy and loves me, he focuses on what I can be instead of what I am.

I’m grateful.


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  1. One of the greatest decisions you can make in life, is to follow Christ. I’m glad the decision has affected you for the better 🙂


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