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Tube Strikes and Football Games

This last week definitely made up for the crappy week that I had previously.  Not only did my arm heal up but I finally feel settled here in London. This past week allowed me to experience a tube strike, attend a football game, and I got to enjoy a really great Sunday at church.Starting with… Continue reading Tube Strikes and Football Games

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To Laugh or Cry

Have you ever had a week were you couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry? That was my last week. I don't believe in bad luck but if I did, last week would have been considered the definition of bad luck. While I love studying abroad, I was ready to go home and be a… Continue reading To Laugh or Cry

My Thoughts, Study Abroad

London Calling

If you haven't guessed by the title, I am in London, England. This has been a four-year plan of mine and I am so excited for this experience. I have spent the last week getting used to London and being away from my family. I expected it to be a challenge, but sometimes I'm still… Continue reading London Calling