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Love is a verb 

I've said it before and I still believe it, love is a verb. It's meant to propel us to action, meant to be seen in the way we treat others. The people who interact with you should leave feeling like their lives have gotten better because you love. Love is more than the fairytale weaved… Continue reading Love is a verb 

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Monday Favourites

Hey Y'all, I hope you are having a great start to your week, and if not I hope things get better. Here are some Monday Favourites to inspire you, make you smile, and get you out of those monday blues. Favourite Song: The line "But Our God can pick us up from the wreckage" is… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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I Want To Be Friends With…Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

It's my desire to meet Chimamanda one day. Ever since I watched my first Ted talk about the danger of a single story, I have had a tiny bit of an obsession with her. Anytime something about her pops up about her, I'll read it or watch it. I think she should be appreciated as… Continue reading I Want To Be Friends With…Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Monday Favourites

Favourite Song: I have loved this song since I was in high school, its one of those songs that I listen to over and over again all night. It's romantic and makes me think of peaceful carefree days. Favourite Video: Seriously the best part of this entire Dwayne Whitley saga. I don't condone such behaviours… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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Monday Favourites

Hey Y'all. Some of you might have noticed that I was MIA for a few weeks, and some of you didn't because I'm inconsistent anyways. Well my laptop was having issues and being fixed by Lenovo, which allowed me time to read and stop wasting time on YouTube. Anyways thanks for continuing to read my… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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Throwback Thursday: R&B

If you check my iPod, you'll learn some things about me. 1. I'm very eclectic with my music taste 2. I absolutely love Boyz II Men. I can't exactly remember when I discovered them, because none of my friends were old enough to appreciate them, and we didn't listen to anything other than Ron Kenoly,… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: R&B

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Ten Style Ideas for Ankara/Aso Ebi

If you are African (Mostly West African), friends with an African, Dating an African at some point you will be given fabric to sew for an event, or you know buy your own fabric (either Lace or Ankara). Recently we found some extra Ankara at home and I had to find a style to sew.… Continue reading Ten Style Ideas for Ankara/Aso Ebi

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Monday Favourites

Happy Memorial Monday! Before starting off, I would like to honour those who have done much for this country and sacrificed so that others may have freedom. I not only want to recognize those who were killed in the line of battle but also their families and the families of those who have lost their… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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Monday Favourites

Normally when people blog about their weekly favourites, they wait until Friday to do it. I'm not normal so it shouldn't be a surprise that I choose to do it on Mondays. I unlike most people I know, love Mondays. They're just like spring to me; a fresh start. Here are some of my favourite… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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Happy Blog Anniversary!

WordPress was kind enough to remind me that 2 years ago, I created this blog. How time flies 🙂 I can remember sitting in my apartment one night, working on this blog, without any idea that people would actually read it, or even follow it, but it has happened, and I am so blessed that… Continue reading Happy Blog Anniversary!