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Love is a verb 

I've said it before and I still believe it, love is a verb. It's meant to propel us to action, meant to be seen in the way we treat others. The people who interact with you should leave feeling like their lives have gotten better because you love. Love is more than the fairytale weaved… Continue reading Love is a verb 

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Monday Favourites

Happy Memorial Monday! Before starting off, I would like to honour those who have done much for this country and sacrificed so that others may have freedom. I not only want to recognize those who were killed in the line of battle but also their families and the families of those who have lost their… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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I Want You

Yesterday, I listed my 10 favourite Nigerian love songs, so I thought I would list 10 non-nigerian love songs that I find delightful. I heard this at a wedding once, and I fell in love with it. I can't handle the falsetto in this song, Luke James is incredible I can't forget this song, this… Continue reading I Want You

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With Love: My 10 favourite nigerian love songs

In honour of my favourite holiday (after Christmas of course) I decided to compile a list of my 10 favourite Nigerian love songs. I love love, so I love valentine's day, even if it it a commercialized holiday. I don't think you need to be in a relationship to appreciate the joy that comes from… Continue reading With Love: My 10 favourite nigerian love songs

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Friday Rambles

I’ve been thinking about falling in love, about how I’ve never been in it, and how the thought of it scares me. I’ve been thinking about why it’s called “falling” and not calmly walking into it. I’ve been thinking about how you know someone is the right one, and how you decide if they are… Continue reading Friday Rambles

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The Surprise Wedding Oh man, this was probably my favourite thing of the week so far. I love weddings, and I love wedding videos. I found this and it was one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. I hope you love it like I do. Kudos to the guy for getting this done, and… Continue reading The Surprise Wedding

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Love Is A Verb

I read this article and it made me smile I've been so blessed, to have had examples of what true love is and it totally sounded like what I read here. As a romantic, who loves to see people in love, sometimes the concept of gooey feelings that give butterflies is what I want, and… Continue reading Love Is A Verb

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Now Playing: Si Le – Nasir Whenever I find music that I love, I play it over and over and over until I know it like the back of my hand. This weekend I discovered this song, and I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't know about it earlier. I love it because it's partly in Yoruba and I think… Continue reading Now Playing: Si Le – Nasir


Love is a Pillar

So I got this story from one of the blogs that I follow, here is the link to the blog, and since the month of love is here, enjoy it. My husband is an Engineer by profession, I love him for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean against… Continue reading Love is a Pillar