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More Ankara Ideas

The beauty about fashion is that it is always evolving, or sometimes recycling. This year between chokers and peasant skirts, we have seen the old become the new and thankfully all of that can be done through Ankara/lace. So here are 10 more beautiful Ankara/lace combinations  1. This is so elegant, and the colour combination… Continue reading More Ankara Ideas

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10 More Ankara/Aso Ebi Styles to Inspire you

So last time I made a list of 10 Ankara style ideas, it was a huge hit. As someone who is always looking for ideas, I understand I'm adding another 10 styles to inspire you. Short, long, two piece or pants, Ankara can be used for so much, but don't forget about the use… Continue reading 10 More Ankara/Aso Ebi Styles to Inspire you

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Monday Favourites

Happy June! Favourite Video: This is one of my favourite youtube videos Favourite Song: I think Tori Kelly and I think alike Favourite Quote: Haha we are so hopeful when it comes to crushes. Favourite Tip: I don't know about you, but I'm always trying to find ways to save money. If you wear makeup,… Continue reading Monday Favourites

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Ten Style Ideas for Ankara/Aso Ebi

If you are African (Mostly West African), friends with an African, Dating an African at some point you will be given fabric to sew for an event, or you know buy your own fabric (either Lace or Ankara). Recently we found some extra Ankara at home and I had to find a style to sew.… Continue reading Ten Style Ideas for Ankara/Aso Ebi


Reflexion Optique – Vlisco

Vlisco, oh vlisco, no other print company has ever made me as excited as I get when they release new prints, and ideas. Reflexion Optique is the newest collection from this Fabric company, and even though you can't buy clothes pre-sewn ( I think), at least you have options to take to the tailor. I… Continue reading Reflexion Optique – Vlisco