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Chronic Worrying

Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I am the queen of over thinking. If something happens, I question and look at it for days until I am overwhelmed with the situation. Most of the time it drives me nuts because I have spent sleepless nights with thoughts that are so out there and… Continue reading Chronic Worrying

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When Will the fog Clear?

I am constantly being reminded that I can't be stubborn and think that God will work through that, because it doesn't work that way. In fact God has had to do some pretty drastic things to get my attention, and remind me to trust him. Okay maybe it isn't God doing the drastic things, but… Continue reading When Will the fog Clear?

My Thoughts

Turtlenecks and Chocolate Chips

Now that school has started up again, I have to focus on the first parts of this. The Anxiety. For some reason, I have the unwanted joy of anxiety attacks. I remember in 10th grade, sitting in my history class and suddenly feeling like I was going to die. Yes I'm being over dramatic, but… Continue reading Turtlenecks and Chocolate Chips