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Love is a verb 

I've said it before and I still believe it, love is a verb. It's meant to propel us to action, meant to be seen in the way we treat others. The people who interact with you should leave feeling like their lives have gotten better because you love. Love is more than the fairytale weaved… Continue reading Love is a verb 


10 Switchfoot Songs

Growing up, all I was allowed to listen to was Christian music. By the time I reached middle school, I hated it with a passion. You could not get me to listen to a gospel song, and Christian radio was irritating to me because they played the same songs every time. Since my only way… Continue reading 10 Switchfoot Songs

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It Is Well

I've found myself singing "It is well" a lot more in the last year, and sometimes I'm not sure I actually believe the words that I am saying. I've found myself trying to understand who God is, and why things happen the way they do, and why life is unfair. I'm filled with more questions… Continue reading It Is Well

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4 Years…

4... It's amazing to think that 4 years ago around this time, I was a freshman in college. That 4 years ago, I was completely broken, and couldn't imagine getting out. That 4 years ago, I was without hope, feeling lost and not knowing what to do That 4 years ago, I decided that my… Continue reading 4 Years…

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Friday Rambles

I’ve been thinking about falling in love, about how I’ve never been in it, and how the thought of it scares me. I’ve been thinking about why it’s called “falling” and not calmly walking into it. I’ve been thinking about how you know someone is the right one, and how you decide if they are… Continue reading Friday Rambles

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Comparission Kills

This quote is so relevant to my life now, and it makes me a bit sad. I see it all the time not only in myself but in others, and I completely understand how much of a struggle it is to change your thoughts. There is this weird tendency to always look at someone else… Continue reading Comparission Kills

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Now Listening: Today O – Fountain of Praise

There was a week during this summer, when I was so down. When it comes to my future and the overwhelming feelings that I get, sometimes I just want to hide my head under a pillow for days. During that week, every single time that I would start to pray, this song would interrupt it.… Continue reading Now Listening: Today O – Fountain of Praise