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Learning to Breathe

The last three months have been hard, between deaths, and finding out that a friend has cancer, old issues being brought up, people disappointing me, my heart getting broken, and  feeling sick, I'm shocked I've held up as much as I have. I've struggled with this incredible worry that I will fall into the abyss… Continue reading Learning to Breathe


10 Switchfoot Songs

Growing up, all I was allowed to listen to was Christian music. By the time I reached middle school, I hated it with a passion. You could not get me to listen to a gospel song, and Christian radio was irritating to me because they played the same songs every time. Since my only way… Continue reading 10 Switchfoot Songs

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Friday Rambles

I've been learning how important it is to develop relationships where you feel comfortable asking for help. I've been learning that independence is great, but the need for others will always be there. Either to uplift you, to correct you, or to grant favours for you when you are stuck. I've been thinking about how… Continue reading Friday Rambles


Friday Rambles

I've been thinking a lot, and that's a great thing. It means that I'm being challenged to grow and evaluate the way that I've view things. Last weekend I went to church, and there was prophetic preacher there. Since the guy was pretty on point about his prophecies on people and where they were, I… Continue reading Friday Rambles

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Friday Rambles

I’ve been thinking about falling in love, about how I’ve never been in it, and how the thought of it scares me. I’ve been thinking about why it’s called “falling” and not calmly walking into it. I’ve been thinking about how you know someone is the right one, and how you decide if they are… Continue reading Friday Rambles

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Friday Rambles

I've been thinking about the blessings that healthy relationships bring into my life. The moments of support, of joy, of feeling that you aren't alone, those moments that make you thankful for those in your life. I've been thinking about my family and how much I love them. How sometimes it's hard but God gives… Continue reading Friday Rambles

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Dear Nigeria

Dear Nigeria, Today you celebrate 53 years of Independence. I woke up this morning praying for you more than I normally do. Even though today is a day of celebration, it's also a day pf reflection, because you are not where you should be. I find myself praying that you become better, that the greatness… Continue reading Dear Nigeria

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Love Is A Verb

I read this article and it made me smile I've been so blessed, to have had examples of what true love is and it totally sounded like what I read here. As a romantic, who loves to see people in love, sometimes the concept of gooey feelings that give butterflies is what I want, and… Continue reading Love Is A Verb

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Now Listening: Today O – Fountain of Praise

There was a week during this summer, when I was so down. When it comes to my future and the overwhelming feelings that I get, sometimes I just want to hide my head under a pillow for days. During that week, every single time that I would start to pray, this song would interrupt it.… Continue reading Now Listening: Today O – Fountain of Praise