10 Switchfoot Songs

Growing up, all I was allowed to listen to was Christian music. By the time I reached middle school, I hated it with a passion. You could not get me to listen to a gospel song, and Christian radio was irritating to me because they played the same songs every time. Since my only way … Continue reading 10 Switchfoot Songs

It Is Well

I've found myself singing "It is well" a lot more in the last year, and sometimes I'm not sure I actually believe the words that I am saying. I've found myself trying to understand who God is, and why things happen the way they do, and why life is unfair. I'm filled with more questions … Continue reading It Is Well

Birthdays, car problems and reasons why I can’t even.

The last however months of my life have been something else, it feels like everything just gets thrown my way and when I start to think I can relax and enjoy life, another thing comes up 😫. I'm working at handling these tests that life has been throwing my family and I as well as … Continue reading Birthdays, car problems and reasons why I can’t even.

Square Holes and Circular Shapes.

I have always considered myself creative. Whatever I can find to help me figure out what is going on around me from scratch, using talents that I've been given and skills I have learned I will do it. When I'm sad, or frightened or frustrated, and most of all...happy you will find me singing songs … Continue reading Square Holes and Circular Shapes.

4 Years…

4... It's amazing to think that 4 years ago around this time, I was a freshman in college. That 4 years ago, I was completely broken, and couldn't imagine getting out. That 4 years ago, I was without hope, feeling lost and not knowing what to do That 4 years ago, I decided that my … Continue reading 4 Years…

Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

I think becoming older and more aware of the world around me, I have begun to understand the meaning behind Maya Angelou's poetry even more. One of my friends had an encounter last week that made me incredibly sad and frustrated with the society that we live in. She said "I brushed my shoulders off … Continue reading Still I Rise – Maya Angelou