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A Review of Everything that I’ve Promised to review

Hi there, So in the last few months, I've tested products for influenster, and bought products that I either hated or loved. Instead of making individual posts for these things, I'm just doing in in one post #laziness. I'm promising to be as honest as I would expect anyone else to be, which means brutally… Continue reading A Review of Everything that I’ve Promised to review

Things That Bring Joy

Let’s Talk Influenster

So back in the day, when I was a poor college student living alone, nothing pained me more than asking my parents for money. I think I imagined growing up and having all these resources to my disposal but minimum wage is not a living wage and I had to be careful about what I… Continue reading Let’s Talk Influenster

Things That Bring Joy

Influenster: The Goodlife Vox Box

I've been procrastinating so badly about this voxbox and Influenster in general. So what is Influenster, well according to the site "Influenster is a free -to-join community of invited trend setters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products." In… Continue reading Influenster: The Goodlife Vox Box