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Love is a verb 

I've said it before and I still believe it, love is a verb. It's meant to propel us to action, meant to be seen in the way we treat others. The people who interact with you should leave feeling like their lives have gotten better because you love. Love is more than the fairytale weaved… Continue reading Love is a verb 

My Thoughts

Birthdays, car problems and reasons why I can’t even.

The last however months of my life have been something else, it feels like everything just gets thrown my way and when I start to think I can relax and enjoy life, another thing comes up 😫. I'm working at handling these tests that life has been throwing my family and I as well as… Continue reading Birthdays, car problems and reasons why I can’t even.

Things That Bring Joy

Happy Blog Anniversary!

WordPress was kind enough to remind me that 2 years ago, I created this blog. How time flies 🙂 I can remember sitting in my apartment one night, working on this blog, without any idea that people would actually read it, or even follow it, but it has happened, and I am so blessed that… Continue reading Happy Blog Anniversary!