Monday Favourites

 Joyeux Lundi 🙂 Favourite video I've always believed that someone should turn the life of Nigerians into a show. Favourite Song I'm so ready for this album to come out. Favourite Quote/Joke I'm not sure why I laughed so hard, but I found it funny Favourite Fashion: Least Favourite Moment of the Week So basically… Continue reading Monday Favourites

Things That Bring Joy

Happy Blog Anniversary!

WordPress was kind enough to remind me that 2 years ago, I created this blog. How time flies 🙂 I can remember sitting in my apartment one night, working on this blog, without any idea that people would actually read it, or even follow it, but it has happened, and I am so blessed that… Continue reading Happy Blog Anniversary!

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Monday Inspiration

It's Monday, and if you're like me, you need something to pick you up as you get closer to the joy that is Thanksgiving! I decided to bring some joy onto my blog today. Below I've posted songs, videos, pictures, anything that I could think of to bring a little inspiration and pep into your… Continue reading Monday Inspiration

My Thoughts

A Call for Justice

Over the last few days the story of Adaobi M. Obih has flooded my Facebook timeline and has made me incredibly sad. I'm not going to rehash the details because I don't think I'm capable of writing about it in a way that is befitting but you can click here for the story, but it… Continue reading A Call for Justice


Now Watching: Eminado – Tiwa Savage

I can honestly say that Tiwa Savage's album is all I've been listening to and Eminado is my favourite part of it. I was super excited when the video came out because I think that this song deserves a video. It's definitely different, and I think it is a lot of fun. I'm also glad… Continue reading Now Watching: Eminado – Tiwa Savage

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Dear Nigeria

Dear Nigeria, Today you celebrate 53 years of Independence. I woke up this morning praying for you more than I normally do. Even though today is a day of celebration, it's also a day pf reflection, because you are not where you should be. I find myself praying that you become better, that the greatness… Continue reading Dear Nigeria

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Snapshots from summer

I had an awesome summer, and even though I'm sad that it's over, I am kind of ready for school to happen. Between trips out-of-state, going to camp, mudpitting it up, hanging out with my friends, being surrounded with my family, I can't really say that I had a bad summer. The summer started with… Continue reading Snapshots from summer